Support During the Project Lifecycle

We partner with our customers to provide comprehensive support throughout the equipment lifecycle, through modernization & upgrades, condition monitoring & diagnostics, management & maintenance, and remote & on-site service solutions.

Our purpose is to help our clients maintain their operation and protect their investment

Maintenance Plans

Our service team can provide a personalized and proactive service plan for each customer throughout the equipment lifecycle. We provide support during routine facility operations, equipment preventative maintenance, and priority assistances during urgent cases. Focusing on individual customer needs, we create tailored maintenance plans to ensure our clients protect their investment.

Training Programs

Our applications and service teams are composed of chemists, radiochemists, and engineers with unique expertise to assist customers reach the appropriate knowledge level for the PET & SPECT industry. Our teams speak 6 different languages and can customize the training content to meet customer needs and combine theoretical lessons with remote and on-site practices.

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